An Inside Look at Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been in the “earning money online” game for some time now – well over a decade in fact.  And during that time, I’ve joined, seen, participated or otherwise been exposed to dozens and dozens of products designed to help the cause.


I’ve learned some valuable lessons over the last several years, both good and bad, and when I come across a product that is really beneficial or really detrimental to the ultimate goal of earning a living online – I like to share my experience.  I’ve had instances of money well spent and money greatly wasted – and I really want to use my experience with others, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.  So every so often I’ll drop a detailed review of a product or service so you can get past all the BS and make positive strides toward your goal without wasting a bunch of money – here is the first in the series:

PRODUCT_NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 95/100
Price: Two levels – Free ($0 for life) and Premium ($49 per month with discounts for annual membership)


Wealthy Affiliate is a bit difficult to “generalize” in an intro, because there really isn’t anything else out there that is quite like it.  You’ll get access to a multitude of trainings, a super interactive community that has members with tremendous knowledge to support you, easy to follow video tutorials and a seemingly endless archive of q&a and blog entries that answer just about any question you might have regarding earning online.


Depending on where you are in your journey, the pros and cons could be very different.  For most – the single biggest pro is the fact that you can get your online business off the ground with NO financial commitment.  You read that correctly – you can start a FREE account at WA, build and maintain two really beautiful websites for FREE and begin to sell or promote products on those sites without spending a dime, no strings attached… Let that sink in for a minute.

As I said, I had been in the game for quite a while before I found WA – and I was admittedly skeptical (I’ve been burned before).  I thought – what can I learn from this site that I didn’t already know from earning some pretty good money online for years… So rather than diving right into to a premium membership I signed up for the free account – and once I had access to the community and the detailed trainings, I realized immediately that there was information here that even a seasoned veteran (“old dog”) could learn from.


The beautiful part about WA is that the training is laid out in such a way that even someone with absolutely no knowledge of earning online can begin making positive strides right away.  But at the same time, even an online earning veteran like myself could delve in, get some refreshers on topics that I hadn’t kept up to speed on or learn something that had always given me trouble from a different, more easily digestible, perspective.


Here is a list of some of what you’ll get access to as a WA member:

  • Finding your ideal niche
  • picking out a domain name
  • secure web hosting
  • building a website
  • creating essential and required pages
  • creating content
  • keyword help
  • analyzing the competition
  • optimizing for SEO
  • building a following
  • generating leads
  • turning traffic into customers


There are plenty of ways to get the info you need and the answers to your questions on Wealthy Affiliate.  You can search FAQs and trainings for your specific problem, you can direct message a member of the community or you can directly pose your question to the tens of thousands of members in the active WA community.

There are experts in just about every aspect of online earning in the community who are ready and able to help – even the owners of the site keep highly active on the community to answer questions on all aspects of earning a living online.


You can join and begin reaping all of the benefits that Wealthy affiliate has to offer for free – no strings attached (start your free account here)

Or you can dive right into a Premium Account for $49 per month here  – I am a premium member and the tools, training and support you receive is literally all you’ll need to build your online business from the ground up until you are earning a full time living online.  I’ve paid 4 times as much on monthly memberships to programs and communities that delivered only a fraction of what I’ve gotten from WA.


If you are serious about earning steady, recurring online income to supplement your full time job or as a full time living – you should join Wealthy Affiliate.  Start with a free account, explore all that there is to offer and then you can decide whether or not to make your move to Premium, it’s smart decision for anyone who wants to change their financial life for the better.

***Special Bonus***

Start your free account with Wealthy Affiliate today – and if you upgrade to Premium within the first seven days, you’ll get instant, private access to me for questions on creating compelling contact, boosting social media followers and more!

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6 Responses to An Inside Look at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Simon says:

    Hi Jeff,
    You sound like a seasoned veteran where making money online is concerned.

    I too am a member with Wealthy Affiliate, joining as a complete newbie without any prior experience in building website or running an online business.

    I thought I’d have to dredge through loads of technical challenges but that isn’t the case at all, the whole program is designed for anyone to get involved in.

    It just requires determination and bit of elbow grease to work your way through the steps implementing into your own website what’s shown in the training.

    It’s a really enjoyable role – Have fun,

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Simon, and you are correct – WA can work equally well for both newbies and online earning veterans. After a full decade+ of earning online I’m still picking up new tricks to help me earn more from the community there

  2. Ging says:

    Very nice review!!
    I agree that the WA community is amazing with everything that it has to offer. I am definitely impressed by it.
    Great Job!! Ging

  3. Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for anyone desiring to really make online and designed for their success online. Thanks for sharing this excellent review!

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