Be Honest with Yourself When it Comes to Your Entrepreneurial Skills

In our last post we talked about evaluating your business website from your customer’s perspective.  You should have been able to pick out several things that could be done to improve your user experience (if you didn’t find anything at all, you view is likely off kilter as even the biggest business perfectionists and smartest business minds make mistakes – go back and look again).


Not that you’ve got a list of things that need fixing, it’s time to separate them into tasks that you can quickly and confidently complete on your own and those you can’t.  You don’t have to necessarily do it all – in fact, you might be much better off outsourcing some of the tasks on your list to freelance professionals who are experts at whatever the task might happen to be.

If your posts are rambling and a little difficult to follow because writing isn’t necessarily your strong suit, consider enlisting the help of a freelance writer to tackle some rewrites.  The ideas/concepts will still all be yours, but they can make the language flow, keep the reader engaged and pepper in critical keywords and key phrases without it sounding forced.

If your posts sound great but are littered with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, talk to a proofreader or editor to tackle going through your site to straighten things out.  If your design is a mess and you don’t know the first thing about html or code, hit hit Fivver or Freelancer to talk to someone who is proficient in those skills.

Admitting that your site needs work to be as beautiful, functional and user friendly as it could be is just the first step – getting the repairs made in the fastest and most suitable manner possible could be even more critical to the speed of your success though.

Think about it – your time is worth money.  If you spend hour after hour toiling away at a task that you could have a professional complete (with a much better result) for $10, $20 or $50, you are actually flushing money down the drain.

I’ve been there, thinking that I’d save money and reap even greater rewards by sucking it up and handling every single task on my own.  If I had just had the foresight and good sense to realize that some tasks are better left to others, my earlier sites would have likely looked a lot better and been more profitable.

It’s tempting to try and save money, especially when you are just starting out, but sometimes that small investment can make a powerfully positive impact on your business that will result in much greater rewards.  Focus on the tasks that you can deliver on better than anyone else in your niche – and kill those tasks every single day, the tasks you have difficulty managing well – leave those to the freelancers.  This approach will give you more time to take care of what you need to take care of day in and day out and keep you from getting frustrated by trying to juggle too much all at once.


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