Don’t Neglect Your Health

I get it – you work a 9-5 (or more) every single day; you’ve got a family to take care of; AND you are trying to launch a business. ┬áThat all takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.


If you are sitting all day at your regular job, sitting through dinner and to help the kids with their homework, then sitting for 5-6 hours into the we hours of the night plugging away at blog posts for 5, 6 or 7 days per week – you may be doing irreparable damage to your health.

I’m guilty of the above behaviors – too much sitting, too much snacking (or not eating at all), not enough sleep… Truth be told, it’s great to have a good work ethic and to put in the hours – but there can be a fine line between hard work and health risk.

Make sure you take time out of your day to move – even for just 10-15 minutes a few times per day. ┬áTake a walk by yourself, walk the dog, sneak in a mini workout on your lunch break… Also, take time to consider what you are putting into your body throughout the day – man (or woman) can’t like on diet coke and snickers alone.

Your are building an empire in your “spare time,” make sure you take the necessary actions so you are alive and kicking to enjoy the $$$ when the money that you are working so hard to produce finally starts rolling in.

If you need a kick in the rear to get yourself going, take a look at the info on Basic Instinct Fitness – good info on short workouts, starting out your fitness journey and just getting your butt moving.

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One Response to Don’t Neglect Your Health

  1. ScottG says:

    Hi Jeff,
    You’re right on here and this is a big struggle for me. I’ve been a home-based entrepreneur for a very long time. It’s easy to let hours pass while sitting at my desk, forgetting to get up and walk/stretch.

    Being an online business owner is harder than most people think, especially when working a day job. I appreciate the ideas you have shared here.

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