Finding the Right Keywords to Attract Prospects

Long gone are the days of “keyword stuffing” an article or blog post to get search engines to push traffic to your site.  Top search engines actually now have algorithms in place to punish website owners who are creating keyword laden posts just for the simple fact of trying to attract visitors.


That doesn’t mean that keywords are dead – in fact, quite the contrary.  Now you just need to be more more careful and calculated with your choice and placement of keywords in order to keep your content within the parameters of search engine algorithms while delivering the highest quality possible to your prospective customers.

I’m not going to lie – it can feel like a bit of a tight rope walk when you are balancing keyword placement and quantity while still taking great care to deliver the best possible reading experience to your visitors.

Thankfully, there are resources designed specifically to help you identify the perfect keywords for your niche.  This will allow you to build quality content around low competition keywords that your prospective clients are actually searching – putting you in the deal position for conversions.

Check out the Jaaxy search tool here:

Use this super simple tool to identify what your audience is actually searching for – so you can build high quality, shareable content and put yourself in the best possible position to turning visitors into customers.

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