Get in Your Customers’ Shoes

I spend a lot of time talking about creating quality content for your customer – which is a critical part of earning money online.  Today we’re going to talk about an equally important part of earning online that many new online entrepreneurs tend to overlook.


When prospects happen upon your website – is it easy for them to use?  Is it pretty, but not cluttered?  Does it load quickly and properly?  You can have the greatest content in the world, but if your site creates issues for the user when they visit, odds are very high that they won’t stick around long enough to make a purchase.

So, your job today, is to visit and explore your own website – not as the Admin, but through the eyes of a potential customer.  Take in everything from the perspective of someone who has never visited the site before.

Examine everything – how do the colors of the background and the text look together, is the font easily readable, are the pictures clear and properly sized for the content?

Dig through your “About Me” and “Contact Us” pages, open and read posts to check for grammatical or context errors, make sure internal and external links are functioning properly… Take notes as you go through and determine things that you can adjust or fix to make your site more user friendly to visitors.

No matter what your niche is, there is likely a decent amount of competition out there.  Make sure you stand out from the crowd by not only having the best content, but also by creating the best experience on your page for current and future customers so you can build trust, lasting relationships and recurring business.


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