Learn to Simplify your Website and Content

I’ve been working on my internet business for a long time. I tried blogging first because it was what I felt I had the time and ability to be successful with. That lead me to quite a few webinars for SEO strategies and also reading many books including HTML for Dummies and other things related to blogging and how to present your ideas the way the internet seemed to want it. That worked but the growing pains are still in the memory banks.


I reviewed myself after a couple of years of throwing many new and trendy things that at the time I believed people wanted to see on a successful website. What my review turned up was that I may have been a little too impressed with the things I had learned about other subjects, and as my daughter who likes to bake may have said there’s too much icing and not enough cake. In my defense of course I could always retreat into that” a lot of websites are doing the same thing” excuse.

You want to look successful in order to win over prospects, but too much icing and not enough cake can ultimately lead to feelings of mistrust among brand new visitors to your site.  Don’t focus entirely on flash and flare – show people a great functioning website with highly useful content that answers questions and delivers value.

You can learn these lessons the hard way or you can check get advice and guidance from those who’s been in your shoes in order to make the best use of your time and effort. There are many successful and experienced people available at Wealthy Affiliate – spending some time in the in the active community and going through WA training can produce powerful results when it comes to growing your online business.

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