Never Get Stumped for a Blog Post Idea

So you have launched your website and you came out of the gate like a ball of fire.  Everyday there was a new idea, a brand new killer blog post that you couldn’t wait to type out for readers and prospective clients…

Now, just a few months later the post ideas are getting harder and harder to come by.  Some of the initial excitement about starting your online journey might be waning and delivering content on a regular basis might seem like a grind.


The good news is – even in what some might consider to be fairly narrow niches, there are still almost endless pieces of content that can be created.  And, coming up with those ideas doesn’t have to involve beating your head against the wall.  In fact, a simple Google search can help you come up with dozens of potential ideas in a matter of minutes.

Simply begin a search that includes your niche or a key aspect of your niche, and allow Google auto fill to give you direction to questions that prospective clients are actually looking for answers to.  This simple trick can provide enough fodder for multiple posts.  And if you deliver the same high quality content that you have been cranking out for the last few months while you are answering critical questions in the niche, you are doing more to position yourself as the “go to” expert.

Need even more content ideas?  Take a look around forums that deal with your niche, peruse sites like Yahoo Answers and even troll your competition.  Don’t ever copy or plagiarize another author’s content, but you can certainly address a topic that has already been addressed or answer a question that someone else has already answered – especially if you can put a new, helpful spin in your content.

There is enough material out there for hundreds or thousands of additional posts – don’t get discouraged by a little writer’s block.  Spend a half hour on one morning every week searching for fresh ideas and keep focused on delivering high quality content – the effort will pay off in a big way if you stay focused and keep working!

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