Ongoing Commentary is Critical to Establishing Authority in your Niche

That blog post you spent hours crafting, editing and revising until it was as close to perfect as possible will play a major role in drawing in new readers and prospective customers.


It is 100% true that content is king, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that once you’ve published your post that it will do all the work for you.  Your content, no matter how detailed or comprehensive, will draw questions and comments from your audience (especially if you’ve done the legwork to share it across social media) – and, as the expert in the topic, it is your job to respond to the questions and reply to the comments.

As the admin of your website or blog, you’ve got the power to approve and respond to comments – and it really is in your best interest to do that with all legitimate comments.  Even if a reader is critical of your post, review or assessment with their comment, your reply is an opportunity to defend your position and potentially sway them or others who may have taken the same position and turn them into subscribers or customers.

Creating an ongoing dialogue in the comments will also help your search rank as comments are crawled as well. High activity on a post, as well as additional, useful content will help push you closer to the first page, which is where you want to be in order to secure a larger readership and draw in more sales ready leads.

Comments that are clearly spam (someone trying to blatantly promote their product or site by leaving a comment) or comments that are belligerent or offensive can be deleted – virtually ll others should be approved and replied to.  And when you are replying, take the same care that you did with your post to provide immense value to the reader who left the comment and to others who happen upon it – this is a great way to earn trust and cement yourself as a “go to” person in your field (which we all know dramatically increases the likelihood of increased conversions).

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