Swimming with Internet Sharks

The internet has a seductive siren song playing to the desires of the at home entrepreneur in us all. Whether it’s just a way to make money as a part time proof reader or blogger, or the yearning call to establish the next successful online vendor for a product gone viral; the lure of working when you want is indeed very powerful.

But as has been stated many times before working for yourself means you will have less time available for anything other than your business. That is just as true of carpenters, painters, and other construction contractors going out on their own as it does for those who want to mine the internet for a great paying job.


Since this is a very competitive environment there are many out there that may be offering great advice at the start, but the fees and come-ons start to pile up and you come to the realization that you’re in the ocean swimming with sharks and the blood in the water is red ink from your business.

Luckily the internet giveth not just taketh away so to speak. You may need some help though, as things can get challenging perched alone in front of the computer all day. I enjoy writing blogs but still rely on help with things akin to design, algorithm updates and best practices for new social platforms. More than one time a little constructive criticism from another set of eyes has proven invaluable – just as a different approach to marketing your skills and services may hold the key to your success.

There are powerful platforms like ClickFunnels that can not only help you sell a product but also the service you offer, whether as a personal trainer or an online business mentor, or even a dentist. And while these kind of sites are also not free, ClickFunnels does offer a free trial period. Even if you choose not to continue on with their program, you will still be able to glean some unique ideas from the platform which may turn out to be a necessary departure from your current mind set.

This exercise may come to be your version of a second set of eyes. Just remember watch out for those sharks – you never can have too many sets of eyes for that.

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