When, How and What to Outsource

Running your own business can feel pretty overwhelming, even if you are starting out in a part time fashion. You need consistency and quality in order to attract prospects and to hold their attention long enough that they become customers.


As your business is developing there are a number of tasks that require attention – some you’ll be able to easily manage, while others might give you quite a bit of grief.

You might be an outstanding writer, but may have very little knowledge about creating a logo, editing a picture or properly laying out your website or installing essential software or plug-ins.  You might be able to turn out high quality, compelling blog posts in no time at all, but struggle mightily with a simple Photoshop edit.

The good news is, you don’t have to wrestle with these unfamiliar tasks and suffer headaches and set backs that keep your website from functioning properly or that keep your business from growing.  In fact, for a minimal investment, you can get knowledgeable people to take the reigns on just about any project that needs to be done but that you don’t have the time or know how to complete.

Sites like FivverUpwork and Freelancer give you access to literally thousands of freelancers for hire, with all types of different skill sets.  Depending on experience and the task(s) you need completed, pricing could vary dramatically – but some tasks can be sourced to freelancers on Fivver for as little as $5.

Personally, I’ve done most of the building of each of my businesses on my own (and during some of those efforts even advertised my own services on Fivver and Upwork (though it was known as Elance back then) – but looking back, I’d have very likely grown at a much faster and more efficient pace had I chosen to outsource some of the areas that I wasn’t comfortable completing on my own.

So – how do you go about deciding what should be outsourced?  If you are an “expert” in your niche, I probably wouldn’t suggest outsourcing important pieces of content to a general freelancer.  Beyond that, you need to figure out what tasks are essential and then, which of those tasks you’ve got time to complete.

If you’ve got content and images covered, but can’t handle social media – you can find plenty of talented folks who will post per your instructions to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or wherever your prospects choose to spend their time online.  You can also outsource the duties of scheduling/publishing posts to your site, creation of landing pages, blog commenting and other avenues of driving traffic to freelancers for very reasonable sums.

Getting a business from ground zero to the point of profitability takes a lot of time and a lot of work – but it doesn’t have to be completely all encompassing.  If you focus on creating the critical pieces of content – content that provides exceptional value – and then outsource the tasks that are more easily and more capably handled by others, you can begin to grow your following quickly, without toiling away day and night on the minutia or struggling with things that are more challenging and time consuming than they should be.

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